Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Rush..

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I had better make a quick entry to my blog before you all start thinking I've been kidnapped by Aliens!!

I have been busy trying to fill orders for my Etsy shop and also doing some work on my houses.
 I have also managed to fit  a "Miniatures workshop" into my none existent spare time!

My French House is now complete (again) and YES the lights do work!!  I have decided to sell this as I need the room for a (Drum roll please),  NEW HOUSE!!!!

 My very first dolls house "Montgomery Hall" is also for sale..    (see E Bay)

Yes, I know what you're thinking,  I should be happy with my six house/shops but what can ya do??

My good friend Lorraine at "Fairy Meadow Miniatures"( Fab shop here in Aus')
decided to have a sale on "Sid Cooke" houses, I've wanted one of these kits since I first started minis years ago, the detail is fabulous.

Well people, how could I resist, I purchased "Empire Stores" and I can hardly wait to start building it, so somebody PLEASE PLEASE  buy one of my houses and then I will have room to start my new project.

I am intending to do a stage by stage photo record of the building of my new project on this blog so stay posted.

Anyhow, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and all of your "dream minis" arrive in your Xmas stockings….  (You have to drop LOTS of hints!!)

Till next time,
Happy miniaturing,

Friday, 1 November 2013

The French House Returns

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to have been away from "Blog land" for so long.  I have had some health issues which have been interfering with my already hectic schedule. I'm starting to pick up now though and hopefully will soon be back into Miniaturing with renewed enthusiasm!!

About a year ago I decided to revamp my "scratch built" French Style dolls house as I felt it was a little mundane… I ripped everything out "great fun" and started from scratch.

I have added new French doors to my now larger Kitchen ( which I made from Cardboard see earlier post) and added some extra lighting (Not wired in yet)!! you know how much I love wiring?

Any way so far so good, I still have lots of little details to attend to.. I am yet to make a start on the Attic room, however I thought I'd show you all a few pics of the house so far, I would love to receive some comments!

I have also been busy making things for my Etsy shop, its hard to keep up these days.
 I've made lots of sales and met some really wonderful "fellow mad miniaturists" along the way. Of course any money I have made has been quickly spent in other Etsy shops ha ha!

Some of the furniture in the Lounge room of my French house was made by the fabulous Margaret from "Argus Minis" on Etsy.  I just love her work, such wonderful detail, so thanks Margaret, I believe my sitting room is my favourite room now due to the addition of some of your unique items, I was inspired to revamp some of my old furniture to blend with your new pieces, the Minors couch is my favourite.

Until next time,

Happy Miniaturing


P.S Can you believe there are Xmas decorations in the shops all ready???

Sunday, 18 August 2013


Does anyone recognise this house/shop??

I recently purchased it on E.Bay from a seller in Melbourne, sadly the lady did not know from where the house originated, I believe it was made by a miniaturist from Victoria.  It is beautifully constructed and the exterior finish is fabulous!
If you know who made this house can you please let me know?

I intend to move my little florist shop (currently room box) into this shop once I have decorated the interior, which may take some time as there are three floors and an attic room! I will add it to my VERY LONG list of things to do! lol

Happy Miniaturing

Monday, 12 August 2013

Too busy to blog!

Hi Everyone,

I know it's been ages since my last post however I have been very busy making orders for my Etsy site..

I recently decided to re-do my French "scratch built" house as I was never really happy with the end result..
I stripped it back to bare wood and have started the renovation process room by room..
I decided to take a leaf out of my friend Lorraine's book and build my kitchen from cardboard, Lorraine is the "cardboard Queen of the world" there is nothing that woman cannot make from cardboard! (see "Fairy Meadows Miniatures" web site!) anyway it is coming along slowly but surely. I built a Fabulous little kit stove (Range) using an Elf kit, I couldn't be happier with the result.
 The little stove kit was easy to put together and looks so real, it is available in a range of colours too!

My kitchen does not have opening doors as being a neat freak I cant bring myself to leave drawers open with contents on show anyway lol!

I'll keep you posted on my progress..
Just a sneak peak at the bathroom so far, lots more to do yet!!....

Happy Miniaturing,

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"Flower Shop"

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have been away from "Blog land" for so long, unfortunately life goes on outside of miniatures and I've been very busy with "real Life"!

Here is a quick update.

In my "very little" spare time I have been putting the finishing touches to my "Flower Shop".

This was a workshop that I attended last year at "Fairy Meadows Miniatures" in Wollongong, where we made the "Shop front".
 I then put together a room box for the shop and here is the end result, well almost the end result! As you know these things are never really finished and I'm sure I will find a few more bits and pieces to add to it...perhaps some more signage etc..
The shop front has three L.E.D lights which were made using "Ping pong" balls!

I made most of the little flowers myself from kits.

I have also started another Room Box, (much quicker than than an entire house!) A "Perfumery" this time and I have been busy making little Perfume bottles and the like, I  purchased a gorgeous Perfume display shelf filled with lovely items (sorry, can't remember who made this) from the "Sydney Dolls House Fair" where I spent far too much money but had a fabulous day.
I love the detail in this shelf unit.
Well, happy miniaturing till next time,
Debby :)

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Hi everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed a Happy Easter, and didn't indulge in too much Chocky!!

Just stopped by to add a few more pics of Holme Lodge.

I can finally see a tiny light at the end of a very long tunnel..

I have been so busy making items for my Etsy site that I haven't had much time to work on the house.
I  recently took a trip to Wollongong and stopped in at my favourite "minis" store Fairy Meadow Miniatures, of course I couldn't come away empty handed so I bought a few gorgeous little items for Holme Lodge, the little hand painted bedside cabinet and the cute dress in the Pink bedroom.

Lorraine (the lovely proprietress)  has a wonderful selection of Artisan items for sale in her store, I just couldn't resist...

I still haven't had time to connect all the light plugs ( a job I loathe) but have promised myself to finish the wiring this month sometime, well

Till next time,

Happy miniaturing,
Deb :)

Friday, 15 February 2013

Holme Lodge

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update on Holme Lodge.

This Dolls house was an Xmas gift from my family, I have had so much fun building it and now decorating the interior.

I have added a few bits since my last post, and I'm still fiddling about with a few rooms such as the bathroom (not happy with it yet)! and the little sewing/craft room, I may even end up swapping these rooms around...

I have taken delivery of my Richard Stacey bricks from England and can't wait to make a start on the exterior. I am thinking of installing gutters and down pipes, I saw this done on a house on the Internet recently and it looks fantastic.

I have purchased lots of "pretties" from my favourite Etsy sites and think they add to the "Shabby Chic" charm which I am trying to achieve with this house.

 One of my favourite sites is "A Lavender Dilly" Carrie Lavender is a true artist in every sense of the word, the little Canisters in the kitchen were made by her, I just love them!  Her gorgeous cushions are spread throughout the house too. Thanks Carrie...

I have yet to connect the lights ( a job I loathe) I keep finding excuses not to get on with it!! Maybe one of my "Little Darlings" will help me with them?

Anyways I had better get back to it.. I will keep you posted, hopefully next post will include pics of   "LIGHTED"  Lit rooms??  Whatever, rooms with the lights on!!. lol

I'm really happy with my little kitchen..

The "doubt if I'll keep it" craft room!! HMMM...
Cheese and wine in the dining room.
The lovely brass bed
was made here in Australia
and decorated my me.

Happy Miniaturing,
Deb   :)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Little New Year Project...

Hi everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas holiday season.

My wonderful family gave me a "Dolls House Emporium" Dolls House this year, it is "Holme Lodge".
I began building it about five minutes after I unwrapped it and haven't really stopped since. lol.

This is the second "Dolls House Emporium" dolls house which I have built and I just love them. The pieces fit together really well and generally the construction is easy.

The house has really lovely proportions with large rooms and high ceilings. Although the house is "finished" externally I have decided to brick up the exterior using "real" brick from Richard Stacey in England. I have never used this product before but I'm up for the challenge, I intend to use his Slate roofing tiles as well...

It will come as no surprise to you all that I have once again decided to decorate this house using my favourite French/Shabby chic style in a modern way this time.

Before Xmas I purchased some gorgeous hand painted furniture from Etsy and this will look just right in my new house..
I have LOTS more work to do on this project, there are still three more rooms which I haven't even started yet, I hope you like what I've done to date!

My faithful companion "Lilly" has been helping of course.. She is so cute!!

I have been so busy with my new house that I have not spent much time on my other project which is a "scratch built" shop, this will EVENTUALLY become a clock shop, I have been been seeking suitable clocks and making a few too, I hope I can get back to this soon.  I intend to sell the finished product in my Etsy store, so stay tuned!

Hope you enjoy the pics.