Sunday, 23 February 2014


Hi Everyone,

Oh dear, I can't believe how long it is since my last post, sorry folks I have just been so busy with Christmas, visitors, and of course mini making.

My Etsy site has been keeping me very busy with lots of orders, which of course is a good thing ha!

Well at last I have some exciting news, I have "finally" built my Sid Cooke
"Empire Stores" Doll house.
I purchased this kit ages ago and had to make room in my workshop to be able to put it together, it was a very Squeezy process with three other houses in such a small space! Luckily my son moved out of home recently and now his room is home to a few dolls houses!

"Empire Stores" is a beautiful house with loads of detail and lovely deep rooms.
The "shop" on the ground floor I have decided to make into an Interior Design store and have been busy making little things for the past four or five months to display in it.. I intend to add more detail to the shop however I'm pretty happy with the result thus far..
The Green room will be the kitchen and I'm currently making little cardboard cupboards and a mini stove etc..
The second floor houses the two bedrooms and the dividing wall can be positioned as to make the rooms whatever size you like. I have decided to add a "sitting room" at the rear of the main bedroom and put some cosy furniture in there near the fire..

I still haven't decided what to do with the roof of the building I'm sure I'll dream something up soon, it won't be tiles or shingles though! I want this house to look like an old place which has been renovated.

Sadly I have been unable to sell either of my completed dolls houses which I have listed on E.Bay, so come on someone PLEASE buy one so I my little dog Lilly can once again have her basket in the workshop with me, currently there isn't room for her! AHH!!!

Bye for now,
Debby :)