Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hi Everyone,

The "Beacon Hill" is progressing slowly but surely. I started this project with quiet confidence having built several dolls houses prior to this, however "nothing" could have prepared me for what lay ahead! I have picked at least a dozen splinters from my "glue gun" burnt fingers, most of my hair is now strewn across the work room floor and I'm sure I am headed for some serious counselling when, if ever I finish this lol!

At least it is starting to look like a house, only a few thousand more pieces of wood to sand paint and glue together now...If I survive the next few days I'll keep you posted!

Monday, 22 October 2012

"Beacon Hill" Dolls House.

Hi Everyone,
It would seem my "new design" has to be put on hold, as after waiting for 6 months my "Beacon Hill" dolls house kit has finally arrived and I couldn't resist making a start on it.  I don't know how many of you have made this particular kit but to say the construction is challenging is an understatement! I have splinters in all of my fingers, the wood is very dry and difficult to manage and there are hundreds of pieces, however I will persevere as I'm determined to finish, it is such a pretty house with all the lovely "Gingerbread" detail to the facade.. I will be decorating it in a "shabby Chic" style just for a change lol! I think it will look great in Pastel colours. I will post some pics when I get a little further along.
I will keep you all posted with my progress, I just hope I can finish it without having a "nervous breakdown!!! Ha Ha!

Happy Miniaturing,


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Here we go,
My windows and doors arrived from America today so I am ready to begin construction of my new little house! (Hooray) Wish me luck!!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Welcome to my Blog

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my new Blog.

I am currently working on a new Doll House and I hope to share my  progress with you all.

The house in the pics is the fifth, 1/12th scale house that I have made.
 I designed and built my little "French Town house" from scratch, using 6mm MDF, as could not find a suitable "kit House" in the style that I wanted.

The roof is made from individually applied cardboard shingles, a very "painstaking" method! lol..

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as I begin construction of my new project, and I look forward to your comments.

Cheers  Deb

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hi everyone,
Welcome to my blog, I am currently working on several miniature projects however, I would love to show you all my "French" house. I was inspired to begin this house after a recent trip to France where I fell in love with the beautiful buildings...

I constucted this house in1/12th scale using my own design, as I could not find a suitable design in kit form.  I used 6mm M.D.F for the main body of the house, and cardboard shingles individually (very time consuming) applied for the roof.