Monday, 19 May 2014

 Hi All,

Two posts in one day, not bad hey?

I thought I'd add a couple more photo's of Grosvener Hall…(soon to be re-named).

Still a bit of "tweaking" to do to the exterior finish, also some door furniture will improve the look.

 I have painted the doors the same colour as my "real life" front door.

 I have decided to use real slate for the roof from Richard Stacey, just love his products.

I would love to hear your comments..

Deb x

A Grand Mansion

Hi Everybody,
Sorry it's been a while since my last blog, sadly my poor old Dad has been very ill in hospital and I've  been busy helping with his care..
On a brighter note I have built the Grosvener hall kit which I purchased last month and decorated the exterior.  This is one VERY big dolls house! I think it may take me years to furnish this one!

I have decided to make the interior very traditional this time around as the building is Georgian and I love this period, I think it will be good fun to play with "Antique" furnishings for the house.
I will post some pics when I am a little further along with the decoration, I have been spending lots of time on the net researching Georgian style interiors and have purchased a few key items.
Till next time,
Happy Miniaturing