Sunday, 18 August 2013


Does anyone recognise this house/shop??

I recently purchased it on E.Bay from a seller in Melbourne, sadly the lady did not know from where the house originated, I believe it was made by a miniaturist from Victoria.  It is beautifully constructed and the exterior finish is fabulous!
If you know who made this house can you please let me know?

I intend to move my little florist shop (currently room box) into this shop once I have decorated the interior, which may take some time as there are three floors and an attic room! I will add it to my VERY LONG list of things to do! lol

Happy Miniaturing


  1. It is to die for, I think it is from the lady who made my shop, she used to go to many of the miniature fairs, I don't have her name at hand but can find out. Oh how I wish I had been able to afford one of those amazing French houses!

  2. Ma che fortuna! Io non sono mai riuscita a vedere o trovare niente di entusiasmante su ebay. Complimenti, è davvero bellissima!

  3. Thanks Margaret,
    It is a gorgeous house I was so lucky to find it on E.Bay.
    It was very inexpensive! I'm looking forward to setting up my little florist shop inside!

  4. I believe your house was made by:
    Marie Fraser, Drouin. Victoria

  5. Thank you Linda, I will try and get in touch with her..