Friday, 15 February 2013

Holme Lodge

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update on Holme Lodge.

This Dolls house was an Xmas gift from my family, I have had so much fun building it and now decorating the interior.

I have added a few bits since my last post, and I'm still fiddling about with a few rooms such as the bathroom (not happy with it yet)! and the little sewing/craft room, I may even end up swapping these rooms around...

I have taken delivery of my Richard Stacey bricks from England and can't wait to make a start on the exterior. I am thinking of installing gutters and down pipes, I saw this done on a house on the Internet recently and it looks fantastic.

I have purchased lots of "pretties" from my favourite Etsy sites and think they add to the "Shabby Chic" charm which I am trying to achieve with this house.

 One of my favourite sites is "A Lavender Dilly" Carrie Lavender is a true artist in every sense of the word, the little Canisters in the kitchen were made by her, I just love them!  Her gorgeous cushions are spread throughout the house too. Thanks Carrie...

I have yet to connect the lights ( a job I loathe) I keep finding excuses not to get on with it!! Maybe one of my "Little Darlings" will help me with them?

Anyways I had better get back to it.. I will keep you posted, hopefully next post will include pics of   "LIGHTED"  Lit rooms??  Whatever, rooms with the lights on!!. lol

I'm really happy with my little kitchen..

The "doubt if I'll keep it" craft room!! HMMM...
Cheese and wine in the dining room.
The lovely brass bed
was made here in Australia
and decorated my me.

Happy Miniaturing,
Deb   :)