Saturday, 22 December 2012


Hi Everyone,

Well Christmas is almost here and it's HOT HOT HOT!!! in this part of the world..

Having spent my first 12 Christmases in England I can never understand why the majority of Aussies still insist on the traditional English Roast Turkey Dinner, as if 40 c isn't hot enough without putting the oven on??? Ha Ha!!

Give me barbecue Salmon with salad and a bottle of champagne any day!!

Any ways we are off to the beach to celebrate this wonderful season and I'm sure the Barbecue will be working overtime!

Wishing all my friends and fellow miniaturists a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hope Santa brings you all some lovely "Mini" treasures!!

Best Wishes,


Monday, 10 December 2012

Room Box

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I'd pop in a few more pics of my "Bedroom Room Box" which I have now nearly completed thanks to the delivery today of the gorgeous Chrystal Chandelier.

This is a battery operated version and it gives off a lovely clear light, I very happy with it, it will look even better when the ornate ceiling rose I have ordered arrives.

I have also added a few more bits of furniture..  I intend to recover the little chair in a neutral fabric.

Still thinking about the "Parquet" floor, maybe when I have more time!

Hope you like it.

Happy miniaturing,

Debby :)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Bye Bye Beacon Hill

A Farewell to Beacon Hill.

Hi Everyone,

Well I can finally sleep again as the "very challenging" Beacon Hill has found a new home...

 I recently received a visit from my brother, fellow "mad miniaturist" although his thing is usually cars aircraft and trains.  I happened to give him a" Tour de Beacon Hill".. I explained the difficulty I was having bringing myself to finish the project and he, to my surprise and joy told me he would LOVE to take it home and finish it!! "Viola" Beacon Hill GONE!!

Now folks it did not take more than five minutes after loading the house into the back of my beloved brothers' car, for my creative juices to start flowing.. (there was just something about that house which "stumped" me!!) ....anyways, I have now designed and cut out house number six! I am building a Victorian Terrace, one room wide, two rooms deep and three storeys high with shop on the ground floor and living quarters above.
This is a very typically Australian type of building which can be found in Sydney and Melbourne..
I will post pics when I have something more substantial than a few sheets of M.D.F with holes in it!!

I am intending to fit a Corrugated Iron roof to the structure which is often used for  "the real thing"here in Australia, I have NO idea how I will achieve this look but I'm sure I will dream something up!

Well wish me luck people, I'll keep you posted....

Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year...

Happy miniaturing...

Monday, 3 December 2012

Little Room Box

Hi Everyone,

I spent the day making a "Room box" today which I intend to use to display my Etsy pieces for my website photographs.

I am really thrilled with the way this project has turned out.

I intend to install a gorgeous Chandelier I just have to wait for it arrive in the post, it's hard living on the bottom of the earth (Australia) sometimes!

 I will also add a Parquet floor, as soon as I make one!   Also a window may be ....I think the room needs lovely curtains with swags and tails, don't you agree?

 Of course decorating the room box meant another day NOT finishing my "Beacon Hill" hmm.. I don't think I'll go there.. I am having sleepless nights over that house!
I just keep pushing it out of my sight, and hoping it will disappear!  Terrible isn't it? I guess I will have to finish it one day, it just won't be any day

Hope you enjoy the pics of my "Shabby Chic" room box.

Happy Miniaturing,

Deb :)