Monday, 30 October 2017

A Brand New Start

Hi Everyone,
Well after ages away from miniatures and blogging I’m finally back!
As some of you are aware sadly, I lost my gorgeous husband to Cancer, it’s been two years now..
About eighteen months ago deciding I needed a project to help me overcome the terrible grief which I was experiencing, in what some would describe as a “moment of madness’ I purchased a 120 year old stone cottage in country Victoria, I believed a new start was what was needed and the renovation of this lovely old house has certainly kept me busy..
The house was in almost original condition and has taken 12 months of constant work to restore to its former glory. During the restoration I have had to put my minis on hold however my new home is now nearing completion and I’m ready to return to miniatures, I have really missed my minis and can’t wait to get started again, today I started to carefully unpack all my little treasures, refurnishing my houses in miniature should be much easier than life size lol!