Saturday, 29 November 2014

A Little Win!

Hi Folks,
Just a really quick post I'm so excited!
This weekend I Entered one of my  Room Boxes in a local dolls house fair and I won First Prize!!

As you can see it is Harry Potter's "cupboard under the stairs".

Photo's of this room box have been used for a calendar which is sold to raise funds for a charity here in Australia. The 2015 calendar is available for purchase from Fairy Meadow Miniatures in Wollongong.
Every year there is a new theme, this year it was "Hallways".

I hope you enjoy looking at the pics, it was a lot of fun to make! I spent a long time sourcing all the little Hogwarts bits and pieces..
 Back to work on Grosvenor Hall now, see you soon..

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Hi Everyone
Just a quick post to update you all on the progress of Grosvenor Hall.
As you will see from the pics I have been very busy working on the kitchen.
Most of the cupboards were made from cardboard, the stove was a lovely kit from Elf miniatures in England, their kits are very precisely made and easy to put together.

The lovely plates are from Carrie Lavender at a Lavender Dilly" Etsy store, I have used lots of Carrie's lovely items over the years in my houses, I love her work.
I still have lots more to do however I'm waiting for supplies to arrive.

I will post more pics when I finish this room, I'm also busy painting the rest of the interior of the house, its such a huge project, I don't expect to finish any time soon!

Till next time, Happy Miniaturing

Friday, 11 July 2014

A New Work Room

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post to let you a all know that yes, I am still here!

I have spent the last few weeks redesigning my work room.
I now have a fantastic work station designed by me and made by my brilliant cabinet maker Mark.

I decided I needed to separate my computer and printer etc.. from my Miniatures work area as everything was becoming very untidy and my poor long suffering Hubby could hardly find the computer for all the stuff I was working on!

We now have a wonderful dual purpose room which functions like clockwork!

I purchased a second hand desk with a glass top and gave it the "Shabby Chic" treatment.
 I painted it Antique White and added lovely new drawer pulls sourced from Etsy, I put fabric under the glass top to add to the Shabby Chic look, added a few pretties and Viola!

My very brave husband is now into his sixth week of Chemotherapy and believe me this is not an easy road to health. Our family and friends are doing everything possible to make things better for him and to ease the terrible burden of this insidious disease.
He will undergo a Bone Marrow Transplant in about Six weeks and then all being well, after six to eight weeks in hospital will  return home and his Cancer will be in remission.

I hope you are all keeping busy making lovely little items for your Dollhouses.
I still try to look at all of your fabulous blogs, I just wish I had more time...

Until next time,
Happy Miniaturing,
Deb :)

Monday, 19 May 2014

 Hi All,

Two posts in one day, not bad hey?

I thought I'd add a couple more photo's of Grosvener Hall…(soon to be re-named).

Still a bit of "tweaking" to do to the exterior finish, also some door furniture will improve the look.

 I have painted the doors the same colour as my "real life" front door.

 I have decided to use real slate for the roof from Richard Stacey, just love his products.

I would love to hear your comments..

Deb x

A Grand Mansion

Hi Everybody,
Sorry it's been a while since my last blog, sadly my poor old Dad has been very ill in hospital and I've  been busy helping with his care..
On a brighter note I have built the Grosvener hall kit which I purchased last month and decorated the exterior.  This is one VERY big dolls house! I think it may take me years to furnish this one!

I have decided to make the interior very traditional this time around as the building is Georgian and I love this period, I think it will be good fun to play with "Antique" furnishings for the house.
I will post some pics when I am a little further along with the decoration, I have been spending lots of time on the net researching Georgian style interiors and have purchased a few key items.
Till next time,
Happy Miniaturing

Friday, 25 April 2014

Grosvener Hall

Hi Everybody,

Firstly I'd like to welcome the new followers to my blog, thanks for joining me..

I am happy to announce that I have now sold both of the Dolls Houses which I had for sale, thank you to the lovely Ladies who purchased them, I wish you both all the best with your new projects..

As I now have lots more space in my work room (Lily is happily returned to her usual spot) I have recently ordered a new kit... Drum roll please.... The "Grosvener Hall" from Dolls House Emporium. I have coveted this house since starting in miniatures years ago, I am waiting for the delivery with anticipation. This is a super big house it stands four feet tall!  I have no idea where it will finally reside but you don't worry about theses things do you? Lol
I intend to "kit bash" it as I feel the original configuration has too many square rooms, I'm going to remove some of the internal walls and possibly halls then I will have bigger spaces to play with!

I will keep you posted...

Till next time,
Happy Miniaturing

Monday, 14 April 2014

Little French Flower Shop

Hi everyone,
Just a quick post to update you all on what I have been doing with my time..
I have now almost completed my Syd Cook dolls house shop I'm waiting on some slate tiles to arrive from the UK.
I have been playing around with the interior of the little French shop (see previous posts) which I bought on E bay some time ago, this is a beautifully made house and only the exterior had been decorated leaving me a blank canvas for the interior decoration.. Since the exterior was already a Flower shop I have moved the contents from a previously made room box into the shop and have designed a modern French interior for the other rooms, I have done the Lounge/salon and the bedroom, I just have to put in a bathroom. Oh, and connect the lights of course! Lol!!

So till next time,

Happy Miniaturing
Debby :)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Hi Folks,

A very quick update on my Sid Cooke Interior Design Shop...

I have nearly finished most of the interior rooms now, I'm just trying to dream up a way of using the very small attic space. HMMM!…  It will probably be used for storage, toys suitcases etc…Of course I'm intending to add lots more little details to all of the rooms..
I "WILL" also connect all of the lights! lol!

There is still lots more to do in the actual shop, it isn't easy to decorate an Interior Design shop as I  have found out the hard way
I probably should have made it a Cake Shop!!

I am currently making some little cushions which I intend to display in baskets and maybe add some paint tins, paint colour sample board and other Interior Design Shop fittings.

I've made a nice stand from a kit for fabric samples, this will hold lots of little bolts of fabric..

The gorgeous little Blue chair in the sitting room and the Pink Chaise in the bedroom are from Chris at  "one inch minis" her furniture is so beautifully made I am very happy with all the items I have purchased from her.. I love her monthly tutorials too, she is such a talented lady.

The sitting room is an awkward room to furnish and I'll probably change it around as I'm not really happy with it yet, maybe another chair from Chris will help!!

I have also been spending time on a "Top Secret" project. This is a room box which I've made for the "Fairy Meadow Miniatures" annual calendar photo shoot, as such I cannot publish any pics, you will have to purchase a copy of the calendar for yourselves (see Fairy Meadows Miniatures Web Site) later in the year, then all will be revealed!

The calendars are very beautifully produced and include a list of dates for all the local (Australian) miniatures events..

Each of the 12 "Themed" room boxes used for the photo's are made by Australian Miniaturists..

All money raised from the sale of the calendars is donated to charity..

I am intending to Auction or raffle my Room Box after the calendar has been launched, and the money raised will go to Cancer Research..

Anyways that's it for now folks till next time, happy miniaturing..
Debby :)

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Hi Everyone,

Oh dear, I can't believe how long it is since my last post, sorry folks I have just been so busy with Christmas, visitors, and of course mini making.

My Etsy site has been keeping me very busy with lots of orders, which of course is a good thing ha!

Well at last I have some exciting news, I have "finally" built my Sid Cooke
"Empire Stores" Doll house.
I purchased this kit ages ago and had to make room in my workshop to be able to put it together, it was a very Squeezy process with three other houses in such a small space! Luckily my son moved out of home recently and now his room is home to a few dolls houses!

"Empire Stores" is a beautiful house with loads of detail and lovely deep rooms.
The "shop" on the ground floor I have decided to make into an Interior Design store and have been busy making little things for the past four or five months to display in it.. I intend to add more detail to the shop however I'm pretty happy with the result thus far..
The Green room will be the kitchen and I'm currently making little cardboard cupboards and a mini stove etc..
The second floor houses the two bedrooms and the dividing wall can be positioned as to make the rooms whatever size you like. I have decided to add a "sitting room" at the rear of the main bedroom and put some cosy furniture in there near the fire..

I still haven't decided what to do with the roof of the building I'm sure I'll dream something up soon, it won't be tiles or shingles though! I want this house to look like an old place which has been renovated.

Sadly I have been unable to sell either of my completed dolls houses which I have listed on E.Bay, so come on someone PLEASE buy one so I my little dog Lilly can once again have her basket in the workshop with me, currently there isn't room for her! AHH!!!

Bye for now,
Debby :)