Saturday, 17 November 2012

Beacon Hill

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update on the "Beacon Hill".

I am now four weeks into this "Drama" and I can tell you it is a very time consuming building process. I've had many late nights working my fingers to the bone!! ha ha...
I have decided to "render" the exterior of my house as I think the weatherboards were too poor quality to use, I also want to individualise the house as much as I can. As you can see from the pics the "Verdi Gris" roof turned out quite well and I'm glad I deleted the 'Shingles"!
 I have started to decorate the interior and I'm putting together a "Chysnbon" bathroom suite, and making some cardboard cabinets for the kitchen.. which will be "Shabby Chic" style. I will include one of my little kitchen table and chairs sets which I sell on my Etsy site, should be perfect for this room..
I'm tying to find a c1950's style stove/cooker  for the kitchen no luck so far, does any one know where I can find one?? I intend to add more exterior trim, I'm just not sure what this will be yet!!

Anyway this is not getting anything done so I had better get back to it..

P.S DO you like the clock in the tower? It's rather a famous clock face!! (Big Ben)

Happy Miniaturing!


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