Monday, 3 December 2012

Little Room Box

Hi Everyone,

I spent the day making a "Room box" today which I intend to use to display my Etsy pieces for my website photographs.

I am really thrilled with the way this project has turned out.

I intend to install a gorgeous Chandelier I just have to wait for it arrive in the post, it's hard living on the bottom of the earth (Australia) sometimes!

 I will also add a Parquet floor, as soon as I make one!   Also a window may be ....I think the room needs lovely curtains with swags and tails, don't you agree?

 Of course decorating the room box meant another day NOT finishing my "Beacon Hill" hmm.. I don't think I'll go there.. I am having sleepless nights over that house!
I just keep pushing it out of my sight, and hoping it will disappear!  Terrible isn't it? I guess I will have to finish it one day, it just won't be any day

Hope you enjoy the pics of my "Shabby Chic" room box.

Happy Miniaturing,

Deb :)

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