Tuesday 6 October 2020

New Home

 Hi everyone,

My Sid Cooke Dolls house has been sold..

 I am working on something new, an Australian style house which I intend to decorate very simply and let the new owner put their own stamp on it.. it will be loosely based on the “Hamptons” style which I’m currently enjoying working with and I’m hoping to list it prior to Xmas it will be for sale on FB as usual..

I have almost completed the Hamptons style house which I have been working on for “quite some time”.. you don’t want to rush these things! 

  I’ve also been redecorating my “real” home and I’m so happy with the results..

Anyways till next time, happy miniaturing!

Tuesday 1 September 2020


Hi Everyone,

I’m still here... late last year I sold up in Beechworth and moved back to Albury and it’s fabulous to be nearer my family and friends.

I am finally back into the Miniatures in earnest, and have been working on a house for a friend of mine.

 She wants a modern “Hamptons style”  house and I’m having lots of fun building a white kitchen with “Marble” bench tops! Also a stone fireplace..  I’ll post a few picks when I get a bit further along with it..

I hope you are all well and coping with the current Covid 19 situation..

 Lockdown in Australia was the perfect opportunity to devote some hours to Miniatures, I finally finished my Sid Cooke interior design shop (see pics) and also re organised my Grosvenor Hall house. 

The latter is nearing completion on the inside, I have decided to re-do the exterior as I’m not happy with the grey “rendered” look. I’m thinking maybe stone?  

I have a decided to downsize my collection and I’m selling some of my completed houses.. I have listed a Sid Cooke cottage on Facebook which comes complete with furniture and decor.. it’s a lovely house and sadly the kit has now been discontinued so it’s quite collectable! 

                                                                      FOR SALE

Until next time 

Stay safe and Happy Miniaturing..


Tuesday 2 April 2019

Hello all

Hi everyone,
My blog posts have become few and far between, however I have a good excuse, I’ve been busily renovating another real size house and it has taken up most of my spare time..
Finally I have been able to get back to my Miniatures.
I spent the day cleaning and tidying my studio which has provided some inspiration and I’ve decided to re-do one of my (many) houses.. lol
I have also been very busy with orders for my Etsy shop Maison Minis, I just love that my creations are residing in mini houses all over the world 😊

I’m heading over to England in May and will be attending Kensington Dolls House Festival, this is my third visit to the festival and I’m so excited, it really is heaven for Miniaturist’s! I will post pics of my purchases when I return..
Till then happy miniaturing
Deb 😊

Thursday 8 November 2018

I’m still alive!

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the HUGE amount of time between posts, sometimes life gets in the way...
I have finally finished my real house renovations which include the building of a garden studio to house my Miniatures.

The studio is very cosy and all my Miniatures are now housed inside.  I have made work areas and lots of storage for all the bits and pieces we Miniaturist’s collect (read hoard) lol!
I am working on a new house as a commission for a local lady, it is “Montgomery Hall” by DHE and has lovely large rooms. The house will be empty of furniture however I am fitting the bathroom and kitchen.

I’ve built this kit in the past however this one is French style, all white interiors. I have made a shower screen and copper bath.. I am working on the kitchen which will be white with marble benchtops...   till next time happy miniaturing.  Deb 😊  

Monday 30 October 2017

A Brand New Start

Hi Everyone,
Well after ages away from miniatures and blogging I’m finally back!
As some of you are aware sadly, I lost my gorgeous husband to Cancer, it’s been two years now..
About eighteen months ago deciding I needed a project to help me overcome the terrible grief which I was experiencing, in what some would describe as a “moment of madness’ I purchased a 120 year old stone cottage in country Victoria, I believed a new start was what was needed and the renovation of this lovely old house has certainly kept me busy..
The house was in almost original condition and has taken 12 months of constant work to restore to its former glory. During the restoration I have had to put my minis on hold however my new home is now nearing completion and I’m ready to return to miniatures, I have really missed my minis and can’t wait to get started again, today I started to carefully unpack all my little treasures, refurnishing my houses in miniature should be much easier than life size lol!

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Kensington Dolls House Festival

Hi  Everyone,
I have just returned from a two week trip to London England where I attended my very first but definitely not my last Kensington Fair.
All I can say is WOW! I had so much fun, for five hours I shopped, chatted with wonderful artists and generally had a ball!
I have returned with a cache of wonderful miniatures made by artisans from all over the world.
If you are ever given the opportunity this show should be on your "bucket list"!
I then spent two weeks touring England, Scotland and Wales I had a fabulous time and have arrived home with lots of new ideas for Miniatures, especially houses, I'm thinking of making a "Thatched Cottage"
Should be!

On a more serious note I am considering moving my shop to a new location in  'Beechworth'.
Beechworth is a tourist destination in North East Victoria. It was a gold mining town in the 1800s and is full of wonderful history and sites.
I have recently purchased a stone cottage there which I intend to renovate and use as self contained B&B accomodation. Beechworth is around fourty minutes drive from Albury.
The shop I am looking at is better suited to my requirements it is a Victorian (1880's) shop front and is really cosy with a great space for my workshops.
I'll keep you posted.
Till next time happy Miniaturing..
Deb x

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Maison Miniatures Shop

Hi everyone,

Well it's been a long time coming however, I'm so happy to announce that my new shop 'Maison Miniatures' will open on Saturday February 20th 2016!

The shop offers a wonderful range of Artisan made products as well as an extensive range of Dolls Houses and Miniatures.

There is also a custom made dolls house and miniature service where you can have miniatures made to your own design. This includes houses Drapery, furniture, rugs and hand printed fabrics.
Pop in soon and say hi, have a cuppa and a chat!

Maison Miniatures
Shop 21/659 Young St
NSW 2640
Phone 02 60233627  Open 10:00am - 4:00pm Thursday Friday and Saturday.